DIY Shutters Australian Made

DO-IT-YOURSELF Shutters are easy!

We supply all you need.

It’s just a flat pack!

You save thousands!


You should find  this site,, the ideal site to secure the best in plantation shutters at a lower price as you can save by simple ways in which you can do some of the work yourself in assembling and installing them We supply all you need plus instructions. Timber is so much better than PVC – lasts longer, looks better.

OR for the most beautiful shutters INSTALLED FOR YOU

Click this link to sister site – Pro-Wood Shutters – for lots of photos and ideas. Solid engineered timber- 2pac coated – for not much more than PVC!!



Some of the attractive features of our product, which are not available with  PVC shutters, are:

  • Wider widths to 1050 mm
  • Longer drops with a single control rod
  • Mid Rail not needed
  • ‘No Gaps’ frameless installation – patent pending- seamless appearance
  • Integrated hidden Fly Screens 
  • Custom colour 2pac coating  – beautiful reflective dispersed lustre
  • 7 year warranty on, not just the components, the coating as well!

Enjoy your research

Not all shutters are the same

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