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Made from REAL WOOD

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Plantation Shutters

DIYShutters Manufactures Quality Timber Plantation Shutters.
Providing your home with the best in window furnishings is our goal, and this is how we do it:
– We manufacture our timber plantation shutters here in Australia. We use proprietary high end automatic machinery to reduce cost.
– We coat the timber with only the best quality paint possible, ‘2-pac’ urethane, the same as used on Australian kitchens
– DIYShutters panels have an indefinite life. PVC is ‘throw away’.

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Our Focus

We understand your requirements and aim for quality that satisfies.

Pleasing to the eye

DIY Shutters chooses a finish that provides the best lustre and reflection of colour into a room. Furnishing windows is all about ambiance.

2-pac resists UV like no other. Urethane 2-pac is the most advanced coating there is.

Your panels will last indefinitely, and, unlike PVC, can be re-painted. Purchasing wood is a wise investment.

Wood Instead of PVC

Wood is the most effective natural insulator. It also lowers CO2 emissions as new trees need to be planted.

PVC breaks down faster under UV radiation.

One PVC panel equals 2000 shopping bags and increases CO2 as it is derived from fossil fuel.

Simple, Clean Installation

Why block your view with an extra frame around the panel?

DIY Shutters Pivot Hinge mounts for plantation shutters are discrete and almost hidden.

Doorway? Forget ‘trip-hazard’ tracks, as these are not needed with DIY Shutters design.

Innovative Production Keeps Cost Low

Our proprietary high end machinery efficiently processes raw materials. This keeps manufacturing costs down, which in turn, keeps your cost low.

DIY Shutters imports controlled forest kiln dried primed timber for improved quality.

The timber shutters are then painted in our spray booth with a 2-Pac finish.


Plantation Shutter Pricing

Improve the look and value of your home with timber plantation shutters. We work with you to determine the requirements for your windows and doors. This allows us to offer you the best options and savings.

From $399* per square metre

(LESS expensive than quality PVC/Poly)


Send DIY Shutters your sizes for an immediate quote.

**Delivery is approximately 5% extra. **


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