Plantation Shutters Canberra

$259 psm Pre-painted kits

If a teenager can, why can’t you?

Assemble & install with ease. View the video for how to put together a DIY shutter panel and then fit into your window. You can save thousands ….. and have your plantation shutter window furnishings much sooner.

You can save $100 to $150 per square metre by assembling and installing the shutter panels yourself. Pre-painted kits cost $259 psm and all you have to do is touch up the wood where it has been cut, then assemble and install. A teenager can do it.

Want to save even more? Save an additional $80 per square metre? Order “primed only” plantation shutter kits which after assembly you can paint quite easily. Well show you how. View the video …..

2 thoughts on “Plantation Shutters Canberra”

    1. The material is a hard wood. Depending on the width of a panel it is Basswood or Pawlonia. IT IS SOLID WOOD – not veneer like some, which could peel. These materials are very stable and light and unlike cheap PVC or ‘Vinyl’ or ‘poly….’ for example DIYShutters plantation shutters can be repainted without trouble in 15 to 20 years. This means you can use them over and over. PVC eventually degrades as does veneer. Vinyl is almost impossible to paint effectively so you throw them out in 10 -15 years when the yellowing becomes obvious. DIYSHutters panels last a life time.

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