DIYShutters Warranty

DIYShutters seven year warranty on new 2 pac coated wood Plantation Shutters includes the following:

  1. Plantation Shutters made as ‘fit for purpose’, being an indoor window furnishing, the louvres of which can be rotated and the panels which can be opened and closed unless specified as fixed or otherwise. The appearance is as would be expected for a natural wood product, for it’s window furnishing category and price range. Inspection is welcome in our premises on the Gold Coast or a sample can be requested.
  2. The warranty includes the workmanship as regards the mechanical durability.
  3. The warranty includes the surface finish and integrity as might be acceptable for a natural wood product with a smooth undercoat but underlying grain. This may mean that sometimes with coating to DIYShutters semi-gloss/satin relatively high gloss level some underlying wood grain effects may be evident. DIYShutters examines every part supplied in a kit or finished shutter but will consider supplying a replacement louvre for example, under warranty, which might have a strong shallow depression in it which becomes visible only after painting in the case of supplied kits.
  4. Perceived faults. The warranty on painted products includes replacement, touch up  of a part, or complete re-painting of a section which has a fault which is visible in normal centre-of-the-room indoor lighting from 1.2 m or more and has somehow missed DIYShutters multi level inspection procedure. If it is not easily visible from 1.2 m it is considered acceptable and not warranty. This is Blind Makers Association of Australia (BMAA) industry standard. The warranty for a fault does not apply if the customer has not contacted DIYShutters about the issue within two weeks of the shutters being installed, delivered or inspected.
  5. DIYShutters warrants the painted 2pac finish against noticeable deterioration from the effects of UV light for the warranty period. Deterioration is defined as a change in colour of more than one shade for example of white, and blistering or cracking of the paint.
  6. DIYShutters warranty includes resistance to corrosion of most components including, stainless steel magnet bodies (only applies after September 2020 when DIYShutters moves to all stainless magnets), the stainless control screws and washers, stainless pivot hinge screws and magnet screws. However some components cannot be stainless, like the magnet plates which must be iron based in order to function.

DIYShutters seven year Warranty does not include:

  1. Misuse of the product. For example, using excessive force for a wood product when opening a louvre where significant resistance is experienced causing a break out chip around a control screw to occur (this is easily fixed nevertheless, but may require a paid visit)
  2. Chemical attack, hard rubbing with dust present, excessive moisture exposure. DIYShutters panels are sealed and can be acceptably used in Bathrooms and laundries and where there is mild humidity. However, exposure to continuously flowing water or the presence of water underneath the bottom of a shutter from an open window and rain for example may cause small cracks to appear due to the wood soaking up moisture and subsequent expansion. This is not covered by warranty. Reseal the product and remove the excessive exposure. A touch up kit including paint can be purchased for a small amount from DIYShutters.
  3. Louvre opening tension decreasing over time. If the louvre opening becomes too loose they may shut in a strong breeze when this is not desirable. This decrease will occur naturally over time. This is not a  warranty issue. It is easy to increase the tension  again. The means of controlling the opening stiffness is governed by the control screw tension, usually the one at the top and at the bottom for short drop panels and also a couple in the middle for long drop panels. Just tighten the screw or several of them a small amount to re-establish the tension. The tightness of these screws can also be used to improve shutter closure by having a series of screws applying tension down the drop and tapping the louvres closed. The tension keeps them in position better.
  4. Modification of the shutters by other than an authorised DIYShutter agent or representative. Modification of this sort would void the warranty.

Please note for shutters being restored and re-coated, if they have not previously been coated by DIYShutters in 2pac the warranty is three (3) years for the coating integrity, not seven.