Timber Plantation Shutters

Shutters Available in Only 3 Weeks!

If you are seeking a complete installation service – painted, assembled, delivered and installed, DIY Shutters offers a personalised service to make sure you get the best results at low cost. From standard window frames to custom measurements, DIY Shutters has timber plantation shutter solutions for your home. These plantation shutters are freshly manufactured at its production centre on the Gold Coast opposite Harbourtown

Don’t wait 10 weeks for a ‘no-brand-name’ product from China, or for a PVC imitation. We will have your wood shutters to you in ONLY 3 weeks! Proudly Australian Made using high end automatic machinery to keep the plantation shutter cost low.

Timber plantation shutters with fly screens, great for the Australian summer

Timber plantation shutter panels with fly screens. Note the invisibility of the wire in the panel on the right.

You are welcome to come and view samples of our Timber Plantation Shutters at our Display Room, or, ask for a sample to be sent to you. 

Our Plantation Shutter Features include:

  • We use real wood, not inferior PVC
  • We incorporate pivot hinge mounts, instead of cumbersome frames
  • Our innovative approach allows for the use of wide width panels, not a multitude of narrow panels 
  • The single long control rod allows for the whole set of louvres to open as much or little as you like 
  • The 2-Pac painted finish is beautifully reflective, adding ambiance to your home, and thankfully, it is not too glossy. This creates a painted finish that has better scratch-resistance compared to PVC or similar materials
  • Timber plantation shutters have a longer life, by a factor of 2 or more, under UV radiation, when compared to PVC and the like.
  • Timber shutters provide more successful heat blocking than curtains or PVC shutters. This means your home is warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Finally, the price is very competitive and often cheaper, even with such high value as outlined above.


Wherever you would like to fit timber plantation shutters, we can create solutions for all types of windows and openings. Some of these include partitions, dividers, sliding doors with no bottom slider-track required, bi-fold doors, triangular panels, stacker-door blind solutions, arches and more.

They can be fitted to almost any situation. Our panels have been designed to be fitted even when the window has no depth; either ‘on the face’ of the architrave, or inside the reveal when there is as little as 30 mm of depth. Casement or double hung windows are not a problem, nor are older Queenslander homes with latch bars. Don’t cover up a beautiful ‘federation’ style architrave – no need to as DIY Shutters has a solution.  We help guide you through to the best result for your home.

Want plantation shutters with fly screens integrated? No problem. As in the picture below of this Brisbane Queenslander home, the fly screens are mounted to the shutter panel. A much easier and attractive solution than mounting screens to the full opening – the screen goes just over the louvres. The fly screen is almost undetectable and it is possibly less expensive using this DIY Shutters timber plantation shutter solution for flyscreens.