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“My wife is the happiest she has ever been since …”

“…the shutters were installed!” John Blunt.

John is ‘Freddie Mercury’, the front man of the world renowned tribute band ‘Killing Queen’. It was his wife Marielle who ordered shutters from DIYShutters. The transformation to their home in Brisbane was achieved through repainting the walls, adding some new furniture, and covering the many large windows and two doorways with shutters assembled and installed by DIYShutters. For  the full effect view the photos. You too can achieve a superior finish to your home with real wood, long life, correctly coated, plantation shutters  -without too much expense. Do-it-yourself as many have, or if you live on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, have DIYShutters install them for you – and still save. Australian made and only 2-3 weeks delivery.


John Blunt – Killer Queen – web site        


Superior 2-pack coating!!

Premium Coating = Reflective beauty. These are 2-pack WHITE. Can you believe this? DIYShutters makes plantation shutters affordable AND sets the standard for long-term appearance and durability. The finish is satin bringing reflective subtlety that outlasts cheap acrylic. All other on line suppliers and most local suppliers are selling finished shutters with a single pack…