Customer Stories

Below is feedback, reviews and testimonials we have received from DIY Shutters customers.

Every single customer of DIY Shutters has successfully built and installed the plantation shutter kits they purchased. In many cases, saving thousands of dollars. For a few, it took some patience to begin with. But with continual DIY Shutters  improvements, it is now easier than ever. So why don’t you DIY? Wouldn’t you like to save thousands also – on these premium window furnishings and have the pleasure and satisfaction of having done-it-yourself?

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Martin  purchased 7 pre-painted kits  and saved …. $1578
 “.. am very pleased with the results …

Martin saves $1578

Hi Chris,

Just thought I’d let you know that I completed all the shutters last week and am very pleased with the results. I have attached a couple of pictures so that you can see how good they look. I am now thinking of obtaining some more for other windows at the rear of the house. I’ll let you know.
Thanks and cheers.
Martin Barker”

Rhonda  purchased 11 pre-painted panels for 7 windows and saved … $2696 
 “…… look absolutely beautiful.”
Rhonda saves $2696

“On 2017-07-31 16:50, Rhonda H. wrote:

Hi Chris,

We are slowly getting through constructing and installing our shutters and the ones that we have done look absolutely beautiful. Rhonda”

Michael purchased ‘primed only’ kits and painted them himself saving approx $25,000!!
Michael saves $25,000

This was no small job but Michael completed it over about 4 months on weekends. He did take some breaks! Michael had amateur experience with spray painting. However he did not find this part the most difficult. Some slight modification of the arches was necessary as the recess for them was not a true radius.

There were approximately 50 panels ordered including 3 doorways plus 14 arches. Cost from DIYShutters was approximately $16,000.

The project required the expertise of DIYShutters, and cooperation and patience on the part of the customer because of it’s complexity. Especially given the age of the house and the non-symmetry of the arched windows. The project has been included in these case studies to demonstrate the level of expertise DIYShutters can offer, what can be achieved with client cooperation, and how nothing is insurmountable. Michael is a client who would consider himself “just a regular bloke”, but he achieved not just $25,000 in savings but a beautiful and proud end result for his large home.

When reading this case study, please keep in mind most projects do not require any help from DIYShutters as they are quite straight forward – nothing like as complex as Michael’s. So don’t worry, you will get you through it, at your own pace, and if necessary, with our help!

Progress pictures still to come.

Final pictures still to come …