Plantation Shutter Doors

Attractive Sliding Plantation Shutters as Doors

DIY Shutters offers a somewhat unique system for using plantation shutter doors, and for doorways.

It is typically a robust dual track system which does not need a bottom track. Imported systems use and require a bottom track as part of the ‘boxed-in’ design. This impedes access through the doorway.

The ‘plantation shutter doors’ system also comes with a deep pelmet that is an overhead system which is firmly fixed to the wall. The ‘boxed-in’ imported systems are made so they can be pushed against the opening as an enclosed unit.

DIY Shutters sliding door arrangement is integrated with the building and is not ‘overdone’ but kept simple and clean. It may be possible for some light to come through between the panels and the architrave at a very low angle of incidence, but this can be blocked off if desired by attaching a light strip at either end.  In most instances, this is unnecessary (the photo #2119a does not have light- block strips).

The plantation shutters as doors includes a robust dual track system hidden behind the elegant pelmet Carpet is no problem for plantation shutters as doors, and the louvres are adjustable Robust dual track system means no bottom track for doorway shutters A track is dedicated to each shutter in the doorway, and these tracks are not visible thanks to the stylish pelmet plantation shutter doors maintain easy access whilst improving privacy