Superior 2-pack coating!!

Premium Coating = Reflective beauty. These are 2-pack WHITE. Can you believe this?

DIYShutters makes plantation shutters affordable AND sets the standard for long-term appearance and durability. The finish is satin bringing reflective subtlety that outlasts cheap acrylic.

All other on line suppliers and most local suppliers are selling finished shutters with a single pack acrylic finish. All of them except for DIYShutters and two other DIY companies source their fully assembled¬†shutters from China. To keep costs down, the most important of all features – the coating – is compromised. If a salesperson claims his firm is supplying “2-pack”, ask “why don’t they advertise this feature on their web site?”!

So if you don’t want your shutters to fade prematurely or even yellow within a few years, then choose wisely.

Applied here, DIYShutters coating uses Australian industry standard urethane 2 -pack. All reputable cabinet-makers will use nothing else for indoor and outdoor furniture because of this 2-pack is the most resistant to fading, to scratching and is more colourfast (does not yellow readily), well in front of cheaper acrylic coatings.


2 comments for “Superior 2-pack coating!!

  1. Lisa
    March 4, 2018 at 10:57 am

    Do you supply exterior shutters or only interior?

    • admin
      March 5, 2018 at 10:00 am

      Indoor only. The quality of the shutters, timber and 2-pack coated, is such that they are suitable for bathrooms also.

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