$179 per square metre. ……. Really?

Yes – high quality plantation shutters at the price of $179 per square metre! Cheaper does not have to mean lower quality.

Four good reasons why unpainted plantation shutter kits can be supplied so cheaply. Automation efficiency. Competitive supplier price. Bulk stock purchase. Savings in labour.
Firstly because we use high end efficient Australian designed and built automatic production machinery to process long lengths of material into a complete set of ‘ready to go’ plantation shutter components. This means minimal labour costs and therefore lower price to you.

We supply everything you need.

This includes louvres, stiles rails and mid-rails. Stainless control screws, Control Rod, dowels, mounting hinges and screws. It even includes ‘touch up’ paint for the ends of the louvres etc. for pre-painted kits. You just need to have a few common household tools and wood glue. It’s not rocket science.

Secondly, DIYShutters also source competitively  priced wood, only the best quality, from a reputable supplier in North China.

Thirdly, DIYShutters buys stock in bulk to benefit you.

Finally, yes you the customer have to assemble and fit them or if you purchase ‘primed only’ you will also need to coat them. But how hard is this? No more difficult than an Ikea kit! A teenager can do it! View the video. For pre-pained kits it take s just 55 minutes per panel to assemble and install. Why not order one for a start and try it?

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